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Danica Collins striptease

Today at Lady Sonia ‘s house was a special occasion. One of her long time girl friends shoed up and as the two talked it was clear that both of them experimented sexually on each other when they were young quite a bit. So this week no Sonia, but in exchange is her friend Danica Collins who seems to be just as hot as Sonia. Well who sais that miss Sonia doesn’t have some sexy looking friends either anyway? Today you get to see one of them, and her name like we said is Danica. Let’s watch this hot brunette MILF in action for today.

Sonia was away from town with business though after their meet up, and Sonia asked her buddy if she’d want to have her very own scene taking her spot for today. naturally, since this babe was just as kinky as her she agreed on the spot. So today you get to have one hot and sexy strip show with this babe as she takes off her simply amazing and sexy blue lingerie outfit for the cameras and you guys. Sit back and enjoy watching her flaunting her sexy nude curves just like Sonia does, and see you next week with more as per usual!


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A need for something huge

This week this hot slut’s interest was caught when she saw a huge sex toy for sale on her sex shopping site. LadySonia ordered it and soon enough it arrived. So without waiting any longer she just took it out and took it for a test drive. See her slide up and down that huge dildo that’s penetrating her pussy hard and deep right now. Well this is one fine example of the huge fuck toys that this mature babe likes to collect, and this is by far one of her most prized piece in the collection. Sit back and let her show it off for this scene as she rides it.


As another fresh week started off, the busty and hot mature got naughty once more, and this time you can see her riding another huge dildo. Sit back and watch as this mature babe takes it out, and see her lubing it with her expert hands. Then as she puts it down, she takes her spot on top and inserts the tip in her eager pussy. Watch her sliding up and down it, and see her taking it almost entirely in her tight cunt as she moans. We hope you enjoyed her superb and hard style dildo fucking for today, and we’ll be back next time with more!

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Lady Sonia Sybian Orgasm

This time, Lady Sonia ‘s husband was away for the weekend, and since there was no cock around, and being rather bored of her other toys, Sonia decided to take her Sybian for another ride. And she always enjoys this tool, as it always makes her orgasm fast and hard. Guess some machines can substitute men. Especially if they can guarantee a powerful orgasm. And you know that sexy miss Sonia here just adores those, even more so if she has really powerful body shaking ones. So let’s get started and see her enjoying herself on the machine.

LadySonia read quite a lot about these things thus far and she was really eager herself to try one on for size. The babe plugged it in and started to take off her clothes as soon as she took it out of the box. So sit back and see her taking her spot on top of the sex machine, inserting the dildo that it had deep in her sweet pussy, and watch her moaning in pleasure from the very start. You can bet that it did more than just please her, and it wasn’t too long before she had an orgasm. Of course many more followed as well on the machine too.


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Sexy for the camera

Your Lady Sonia dresses sexy on a daily basis, but she dresses extra sexy for when she ahs to do a nude photo shoot. As she knows you guys love to see her dressed in outfits that she then takes off slowly, piece by piece. Today she was dressed super sexy for the cam, and you’ll be able to see every bit of the shoot. Some of you wanted to see this sexy mature in a classy outfit that she showed off a long time ago once more. Well she aims to please, so of course you can see her wearing it again as she gets to play in her photo shoot this day.


It was the sexy dress that she got to wear in her second update, and she was very much happy to get to show it off again. And as then, she gets kinky while wearing it too. Take your time to see the amazing Lady Sonia as she gets on the kitchen table, and see her posing naughty and kinky for you to see today. You can see her doing the classy leg spreading and pussy fingering too in the end of the scene as well, and rest assured that this babe managed to give herself a nice orgasm too while at it. Have fun with it and see you soon with more!

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The Panty Tail

You know your favorite mature porn star Lady Sonia has some kinky fetishes. One being to stuff things in her pussy. That’s what turns her on the fastest according to her. And this for this time she actually stuffed her own panties in her pussy. It looks like she has a black tail of sorts now. Anyway enjoy her and her imagination right now and see just how creative this babe can get when she gets in one of her kinky little moods. This one is by far the naughtiest thing that she’s done, so let’s see her play with her own superb body today.

She gets around to wear her classy and sexy black lingerie set as always, and over it she just takes her sexy white shirt. As you know by now, she really is a fan of pleasing you an showing off what you want to see, so of course she whips out those nice and big round jugs for you to enjoy first. Then it was up to reveal her sweet cunt, and you can watch her taking her panties off slowly. And after that you can see her as she bends over and exposes her ass and pussy too. See her stuffing her panties in her wet cunt today and have fun with her!


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Mature Lady Sonia – Animal Print

In today’s Lady Sonia gallery update. This hot MILF takes off her animal printed outfit for your viewing pleasure. enjoy as this busty mature undresses of that outfit and plays around with her horny cunt. It’s amazing to see just how energetic this older woman is for her age. You can be sure that if she gets her way with you, you won’t forget it soon. Anyway, this is another one of her superb and classy scenes where she gets to show off for you and it’s quite amazing to see as well. So let’s watch LadySonia in action today without delay.


Just as always she gets kinky and naughty for you, and she has what to show off. Like we said, the theme that she chose for today’s outfit was animal prints and it make this sexy cougar look even more hot. And like the norm is, you get to watch her as she gets to play and tease you while she’s at it as well. Sit back and watch her as she gets to massage and squeeze on those nice and round tits for today, and then watch her sliding her naughty hand in her pants as she wants to rub that pussy as well for today. Enjoy the update everyone!

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Wet pussy in panties

Feeling alone and very naughty for today, Lady Sonia decided to spend the afternoon tending to her horny and wet pussy. She’s always seeming to get bored when she’s alone, well no matter. It’s a good thing since she can always share her sex adventures with you guys. This time you can see her finger her pussy fast and hard. Enjoy another look at this babe’s amazing updates, and enjoy a fresh and hot scene with her playing with herself fast and hard for your viewing pleasure today. Let’s not delay and get her show started  today.


The cameras start rolling, and you can see that this busty mature babe makes her entry wearing a nice and sexy outfit composed of just her high heels, a pair of small white panties, and her top. Well it seems that this time she’s quite horny again, and she skips the whole teasing part, in favor of just getting to the pleasure faster as she takes her spot on the couch spreading her long legs. Sit back and watch closely as this busty lady starts to finger fuck herself nicely for you as she moans and enjoy her superb and sexy scene today!

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The Sexy black dress

This beauty is back today with yet another Lady Sonia gallery update. Today she was trying out an older dress of hers that she wore for special occasion to see if it still fits, and it did. It even made her look sexier than ever before. Well this wasn’t really a special occasion but hey, what the hell, if she looks good, where’s the harm done. You know that she just loves to expose and show off her sexy outfits any time she can, and this was no exception either. You just have to see her showing off this hot and sexy dress for this fresh update today.

Like we said it was all black, and the lower part is see though so you get to have a good long look at her smoking hot and sexy legs too. Well don’t worry, LadySonia will get around to lift it up more and show you some more of that amazing body too, but you know her. She just adores teasing you with her smoking hot curves too. Sit back and see this sexy lady teasing you with her tits and slow stripping until she reveals her eager pussy as well as she wasn’t wearing any panties for this fine afternoon either. Have fun with it and see you next time!


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Lady Sonia Teasing in socks and panties

The beautiful blonde MILF Lady Sonia is here again, with more crazy and sexy outfits to strip out of just for you, her adoring fan base. Naughty as ever she’s back in the living room flashing her hot curves for the cameras. this time she wears some very sexy see through lingerie that makes you imagine doing things to her. That’s how hot she looked and we bet that you will agree. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just take your time to sit back and watch this amazing babe as she gets to show off that smoking hot body to you guys once more in this scene.


The naughty babe was going to enjoy her time teasing you again and there was nothing anyone could do to stop her as per usual. Like we said, this time she was sporting yet another hot and sexy outfit, and she was looking smoking hot as always. Let’s enjoy seeing her exposing her hot body while wearing it, and of course taking it off as by now it’s a normal thing anyway. We hope that you enjoyed seeing her play naughty once more for you, and do check out her past updates as well for some more amazing and hot galleries!

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Lady Sonia – Elegant smoking

For this one, Lady Sonia, the lady of your dreams, is just relaxing and smoking her cigar. She’s always emanating this vibe of a strong and successful woman. So today she made an interview, talking about herself and her fetishes, and she even answered some fan questions from you. You can’t say she doesn’t love you back as much as you love her. For this specific update, the busty milf wanted to have some more fun teasing you, so you can bet that she’s back to her old tricks and hot outfits to do that today. Let’s not waste time and see her in action without delay.

The scene starts with her making her usual entry and this time she was wearing her cute and fluffy jumper. Watch LadySonia light one up as she starts to touch herself gently, and see her massaging those round tits. Of course she makes her way lower and lower and she soon starts touching her sweet eager pussy while still smoking her cigar. Like always have fun seeing her tease you as much as she can, and enjoy the scene. We will return next week with some more of her sexy escapades as she gets to show off some more for the cameras!


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