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Lady Sonia found herself a new black jock to play around. She’s definitely a black cock slut, if you look in some of the older updates she only gets fucked by black guys and she couldn’t let this one go without riding his black dick first. The curvy MILF loves big dick and we know what they say about black guys. Luckily for her all the guys she’s fucked with lately had big dicks. If you want another horny MILF to check out make sure you visit she also loves getting her juicy pussy fucked. That’s the thing with these MILFs there are few of them that would actually fuck with someone closer to their age or older. Either way, all of them want to fuck and that’s always great for all of us!

Most of them want to fuck with younger guys younger than them. Sonia is one of those MILFs that likes her guys younger than her and this guy is a great pick. Sonia didn’t wait too long until she took him to the bedroom and got to test out his big black dick.  The mature wasn’t shy at all so she began deepthroating that big black dick and didn’t stop until she got jizz all over her face. Once she got the dick like she wanted it, rock hard, she got to ride her fine black jock, stuffing that fat dick in her juicy pussy. Check it out and stay tuned for more hot updates!

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Lady Sonia and Shaft Part 2

Hello there eager guys! We are back and we have a Lady Sonia update of our previous post! Yep, it seems like these two guys enjoyed both that deep and intense pleasure last time that they have been together  and he came again to be pleasured! This time, he didn’t have to break to house to fuck her and he came opening the front door! All he wanted right now was to get that tight pussy penetrated with his fat cock one more time and why not maybe he could get a nice blowjob from this stunning mature babe! so this nasty chick was very eager to meet him once again and as she was wearing a black dress that she took off and right under she had a black sexy lingerie! Are you eager to find our what’s happening next?

All that this nasty babe had in mind after seeing him was tasting that fat tool one more time! That is why she knelled down and as that fat tool was straight she started to lick it, tease it and finally she started to suck it pretty well! This nasty chick also slurped it and shoved it down her throat! After getting it hard enough for that deep and intense fucking session that was about to follow, she laid on the bed and he was about to do all the work! So he teased that wet pussy with his tool and soon after that he shoved it easily it, cause he had to stretch it a little bit and then the hard fucking started! In the end this dude came on that wet pussy! If you wanna see this cute babe one more time you are invited to have a look around as you might find much more hot LadySonia scenes around here!


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Horny Lady Sonia and Shaft

Hey there! We are back once again with some new and hot Lady Sonia scenes! This blonde babe is getting that well-known tight pussy stretched one more time by a black dude and his really fat cock! It seems like this blonde babe had a surprise today and she got the chance to be visited and also robbed by this black dude today! It wasn’t the first time she got the chance to be penetrated by a black fellow and she seems she really enjoyed this fucking session! This dude, Shaft wanted to take all the jewelry around the house but when he saw in who’s house did he had the chance to enter, he thought he would fuck her first! Are you curious to see what happened soon after that? Just take a seat and watch and we will gonna tell you all the dirty details! Have fun while watching also as this stunning babe is getting fucked in front of an audience!

Well, this babe loved being treated like a slave cause this guy ordered her what he had to do and she obeyed! First of all this nasty blonde babe was asked to suck that fat and long cock and right after that this dude was going to shove it deep into her cunt! All he had in mind was spanking that round and sexy ass and penetrating her from behind! That is why he asked her to stay on her belly, so that he could stuff that tight pussy hole as deep as possible! And he kept slinding in and out until he felt the need to cum and he took that large tool into his hands and kept rubbing it! Then, he asked her to turn around so that he could cum on that pussy! In the end this babe got all that white , creamy and sticky jizz all over her pussy hole and also deep into her body! Enjoy!


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Fur Coat and Thigh Boots

Hey there guys! You could be really impressed of the hot blonde Lady Sonia and how much she really enjoys nature and the outdoor action! Because this time this gorgeous lady planned to take a walk in the recreation area but not in normal outfit, simply because she planned to be more special. That is why she chose to take her white fur coat and those thigh boots and have a walk in the park! Did we forgot to mention that sexy black lingerie that she had on? It seems like she really prepared herself for that outdoor solo sex session that she was about to have! As soon as she found the right spot, where no one could disturb her, she put her fur on the ground and she laid down! Are you curious to see what happened there right after that? Have a look at this hot babe peeing also in a walk in the country!

As she felt pretty heated up, she had some black gloves on and she started to rub those big tits and to squeeze them! Next thing you know is that she started to rub that eager clit slowly, showing it to us in a very nice close up from time to time! So soon after that is was time she shoved those fingers into her pussy so that in the end she could climax! After spending a deep and intense sensual pleasure she felt the need to piss and she did not hesitated to show that pussy to us one more time! What else can we say? This hot chick likes to pose and she also likes to play with her wet pussy, so guys, if you are interested in seeing her one more time and maybe in another hot scene, all you gotta do is join us and we will give you access to much more amazing stuff!


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Fucked In Front Of An Audience

Hi there cuties once again! We are back and we wanna show you much more amazing stuff! In this sunny day this beautiful blonde babe Lady Sonia has got something special on her mind! Even though she had a lot of stuff on her mind today and a lot of things to solve, she thought she might take a break from all these stuff! Cause she wanted to try something new today so she chose the first black guy that she saw and had a huge dick to stuff it into her wet and tight pussy hole in front of everybody! You already know that this mature lady has no problem in getting laid in front of an audience so when this guy told her that they were gonna have an outdoor sex experience she couldn’t say no!

You know how is it said: Once you go black, you never come back. Well, the blonde Lady Sonia decided that it was time that her pussy had something bigger in her that it would stretch it out to its limits! Only the thought that it was going to be penetrated so deep and so intense made her feel very horny! Can you imagine what deep and intense pleasure this babe had? Cause even from the start this nasty chick wanted to taste it so she shoved that fat and black cock into her mouth as deep as she could! Soon after that it was time for a deep and intense penetration so this babe sat in the doggy style position so that this dude could fuck her from behind until she climaxes! If you are interested in seeing this horny babe in other amazing scenes around here all you gotta do is join us! Also you might enter the site if you wanna see another hot mature lady getting her pussy fucked!


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A Walk In The Country

Welcome back studs! It’s good you back in such a short notice! you had no idea but the stunning blonde Lady Sonia is waiting for you! Yeah, I’m talking about nasty Sonia that is eager to have some fun! Well, today she thought she might come in the country to solve some businesses and we have caught her while she was having a walk! Do you have any idea what was she doing over there? This naughty babe thought she might climb the stairs with those black high heels shoes but not anyhow, cause she took her clothes off one by one! As she was pretty anxious to film some scenes we have found her in the woods waiting for us? Do you wanna see what has she done over there?

It seems like no one and nothing can stop this hot lady while she is in heat so today she thought she might enjoy herself in the middle of the nature! How come? Well, this hot mature babe felt pretty heated up so she started to take her clothes off one by one! First of all she took down her skirt and surprise she had no underwear! Then she took down that white shirt and removed a part of her black bra that revealed those extra large tits waiting to be played with! Then this cutie felt the need to piss so she had no problem in peeing right there! Well, this sexy babe wanted to tease us one more time with her amazing curves! Did you noticed that round and sexy ass and those big and firm tits? Wouldn’t you wanna squeeze them? Join us and we will give you access to much more amazing stuff! Don’t forget to enjoy!


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Lady Sonia Videos

Would you like to see Lady Sonia getting into a bath of hot soapy water wearing sexy pantyhose and a top? Then you don’t want to miss these fantastic videos. Come inside and watch her taking a warm bath and getting ready to go out and party. She just had to take her bath, as she was at the gym, and she needs her sexy and sweaty body all cleaned up for the party later this fine day. Well you can imagine that you also get to take part in her little naughty fun session for the bath time as this babe just can’s pass the opportunity to play with herself when she gets naked and wet. And since that’s exactly what was about to happed, well you can just see.

You get to see her just about ready to get in the tub, and she presents herself in a nice bent over pose for you, showing off that nice and sexy curvy ass today to you guys. Watch closely as this sexy lady then gets in the water, and you get to see her superbly round and perfect tits through her sexy white top as she gets all wet for the cameras today. And by the end she also has a special treat. She got a bit horny so she pulled out her rubber cock, and she was going to show off how she likes to give blowjobs to guys. The party can wait, as this babe is busy. Sit back and watch her sucking, slurping and deep throating on that toy just for you guys.

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Lady Sonia newest video

Oiled And Naked MILF. In the following Lady Sonia video the STUNNING busty MILF Red undresses and also opens her legs wide for the video camera. She then uses a”high powered” vibrator on her HUGE clit so you can watch it enlarge in amazing close-up seeing that she brings herself to a hard orgasm! Next she strips nude so that you can enjoy as Sonia spray her body with warm baby oil and then sit back and enjoy her simply sexy show as she gets to stretch to the limits her AMAZING tight pussy hole with a HUGE cock-shaped sex toy  for this nice and relaxing afternoon self pleasing session. So let’s get her show started!

As you can clearly see, Holly is back, and this time she gets to be featured in this babe’s video as she gets to take some pointers of self pleasing from your mature. Holly was having a discussion about masturbating with Sonia, and Sonia offered her to show off a more superb toy to get to please her sexy and wet pussy. So watch as Holly gets to strip and show off her simply stunning body to the cameras, and then watch as Sonia gives her pointers on how to use the sex toy on her pussy. Enjoy seeing Holly as she pleases her pussy, and watch her cum and orgasm repeatedly for this nice gallery update. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay next to your fav MILF!

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Milf Legs, Panties and High Heels

Hello again, friends! Are you ready for the next Lady Sonia video? Enjoy watching this “genuine” MILF’ with sexy long legs and perfectly shaped asses excite you she thought that she would offer you a Special treat today! Not only that she show herself off for the video camera LadySonia also opens her lovely long legs WIDE so that you can check out EVERYTHING that you want to see. Enjoy the sexy short haired MILF brings you one more of her naughty and sexy little scenes today. Take a seat and have fun watching this fresh video update!

Watch as the sexy babe starts off dressed up in her sexy and hot dress, and then you get to see her change, showing off her nude body to you. Watch her wearing just a hoodie and her panties as she gets around to pose naughty around the living room today, and watch her enjoying every moment as she just loves to put that perfect ass of hers on display for you. And for a superb ending you get to see this babe change once more, and this time she removes her panties and bends over in her her bed presenting you with a nice view of her rear end and her wet pussy, asking you if you’d like to join her in her naughty playtime session. Enjoy!

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Lady Sonia and Holly

Lady Sonia very dear girlfriend Holly Kiss just lives a few moments away from their house in Nottingham and they spend lots of time out and together therefore when she told her that she wanted to photograph her for the next free LadySonia videos she knew that it would be Big fun and agreed immediately. If you want to see more photos, check out jb video Pics. She REALLY loved posing for lovely Holly and you can see all of the great fun that she had in these pics. Click here and watch the full photoshoot. Enjoy as for this afternoon you can watch some nice and sexy behind the scenes pictures with your favorite lady!


This nice and hot scene is here to show off how this babe works as most of you wanted to see her in action. And so for this gallery you get to see Sonia and her friend Holly that’s also the photographer and camera man as they get to do the regular things they do in a day of work. In the first part you get to see Holly as she gets naked and poses herself a bit for the camera as well. But then it comes to the real part that you want to see. And that’s Sonia posing naughty and sexy for Holly as she mans the cameras. Sit back and watch Sonia as she gets to pose around some more showing off her simply sexy and hot body. We hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll see you soon!


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